Ride-on scrapers make laborious tile and wood floor removal projects a breeze. From light commercial floors to high-volume, the Renegade® scraper does the work of SEVERAL jackhammers! Watch these videos to see the power and capacity of a riding scraper. Call Floor Scraper Rentals for an efficient solution to your floor care and surface prep needs. 800-652-4839 Sales@ScraperRentals.com

Ceramic Tile Floor Removal

The fastest and most efficient tile removal is done by a Riding Floor Scraper. Watch how the Renegade quickly handles this floor.

When you work directly with a Renegade-Certified rental company, you get a clean floor at a modest price. Rent a rider by the day, week or month for your tile and wood removal or ask about professional floor removal services.


The first two riding scrapers we rented weren’t strong enough to take up our marble. We almost lost hope until we tried the Renegade.

Floor Removal

This video shows hardwood that was flooded and replaced 90 days after install. One Renegade® turned 1200 sq ft of hardwood and gummy glue into a clean floor fast!

Floor Removal

Removing carpet and need a clean floor? Renting a Renegade® Riding Floor Scraper will remove more glue in less time; leaving the cleanest floor possible.